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Grace Morison • Chapter President

     Hiiiii!!!! My name is Grace Morison and I have the honor of serving as the President of TCU Kappa Alpha Theta this year! I’m from Santa Barbara California and an early childhood education major so if you’re looking, you can probably find me student teaching at a local Fort Worth Elementary school! In addition to my passion for teaching, I love spending time with my sisters by going on neighborhood walks, playing pickle ball, hanging out in the Theta House, or trying new restaurants around town! 

      Coming to TCU and going through recruitment from out of state was intimidating, but every round with Theta felt like a breath of fresh air; like I could really truly be myself. One of many things that stood out to me about Theta was the deep rooted excitement the women of this chapter have towards the sorority. The longer I spend in this chapter, the more prevalent this becomes. Working alongside my 8 exec members has been the highlight of my college experience. We function like a little family, where everyone has a speciality area, but we all ultimately work together towards the same goal. It's like we each  have our own puzzle piece, alone we are nothing but together we have the power to create something beautiful. That same family feeling extends beyond our executive team; it engulfs the whole chapter. When you pledge Theta, you pledge a new family. A family that is fulfilling, encouraging, and has the power to do incredible things. 

     Theta to me, is so much more than wearing the letters, it’s home. It’s where I’m fully known, heard, loved, valued and reformed. No matter what your recruitment process may look like, take a step back, take a deep breath, and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. You don’t have to clean yourself up for us, we love you just how you are, right where you are. We are rooting for you and we want you to THINK THETA! See y'all in August!




Lucy Bell • Vice President Administration

Hey everyone! My name is Lucy Bell and I am honored to serve as TCU Theta’s Vice President Administration. I am a junior biology major from West Linn, Oregon. I love Theta because I have found the people that will always be there for me whenever I need them. They will celebrate me during the highs and pick me up from the lows. Being a Theta has been the best part of my college experience. I am so thankful that I have found true friends and women that I look up to so much. After college, I hope to go to medical school and someday become a pediatrician. I know that all of the women in theta will support me in college and beyond for the rest of my life. 


Lucy Bell


Isabel Van Vleet • Vice President Membership

Hi y’all! My name is Isabel Van Vleet, and I am thrilled and honored to be Theta’s VP of Membership for this year! I am in charge of all things Recruitment! I am a junior speech-language pathology major and child development minor from Portland, Oregon. Coming to TCU from so far away was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it has been the best decision I’ve ever made! Outside of Theta and planning recruitment, you can find me going on walks or hikes, cooking, traveling, or trying new restaurants around Fort Worth. I’m so excited to get to know every Potential New Member and for y’all to get to know our wonderful members. I am literally counting down the days until we can show y’all what Theta is all about! See y’all in August! Until then, TLAM!!!

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Janie Carr • Vice President Education

Hi everyone! I’m Janie Carr and I am so excited to serve as VP Education this year. I also held a position as an HR director last year running our Mom’s, Dad’s and Family Weekend which was so much fun and one of the reasons I wanted to take on an exec position. I am a Marketing major with a certificate in Arts Leadership and I am involved in the Neeley Leadership Program. I love all things musical theatre and I am in a competitive a cappella group here at TCU. Outside of school, I love going on long walks, hanging out with friends, trying new coffee shops and teaching cycle classes! I feel so grateful to have fostered such close and meaningful relationships here at TCU. I have especially loved my time in Theta so much and can’t wait to give back to the new PC of 2023!


Sarah Bledsoe • Vice President Finance

Hi Y’all!! My name is Sarah Bledsoe and I have the honor of serving as TCU Theta’s Vice President of Finance. I am a third-year Finance and Psychology major from Kansas City, Kansas. At my core I am a people person who loves numbers—yes I know very cheesy. I plan on pursuing some type of investment banking after school, but for now plan on taking advantage of every second I have left at TCU. TCU and Theta have introduced me to some of my favorite people in the entire world, given me lifelong memories and allowed me to grow into the best version of myself. When I am not doing school you can find me going on drives with my friends blasting Taylor Swift, showing people pictures of my dog Boss or online shopping. Holding a leadership role in Theta has been my dream since bid day and I am so grateful for the opportunity to give back to my chapter!


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Maddie Baldwin • Vice President Operations

Hi everyone!

      My name is Maddie Baldwin, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Vice President of Operations for the 2023 calendar year in Theta. I am a rising senior from West Des Moines, Iowa. I am a supply chain management major with a leadership emphasis, and look forward to working with transportation logistics, or potentially starting my own small business someday.

      Coming to TCU from out of state, I knew it was important to find an organization on campus that felt like a piece of home. I was immediately brought in with welcoming arms, advice in all areas of life, and new friends from across the country. I knew I could see Theta as a fundamental part of my college experience because I remember as a freshman looking up to the older members and thinking “I want to be that confident, kind, and wise by the time I graduate college.” Throughout my time in Theta so far, I can truly say I’m on my way to those women I looked up to my first semester at TCU. With the help of philanthropic service and authentic friendships, Theta has truly become my home away from Iowa.

      In Theta, my position is lucky enough to serve a variety of roles. From membership development, to sisterhood banquets, to planning social events like mixers and formals, I am grateful to touch so many branches of this chapter and interact with amazing women.

      Outside of Theta, I love to play golf, go on walks with my friends, and do puzzles/board games that are fun and challenging. I can’t wait to meet you all, and I hope you have a great experience in recruitment. TLAM!

Clare Lucewicz • Vice President External Affairs


   Hi! My name is Clare Lucewicz, and I’m an Early Childhood Education major from San Diego, California! I love running, surfing, reading, and a good burrito. After college, I plan to receive my masters and become a Special Education teacher. Thinking Theta was the best decision I made in college. I instantly met my best friends and the biggest role models. Theta has given me more blessings than I ever thought I could find in a sorority, and I am so incredibly thankful to be apart of such an amazing sisterhood. The women in Theta are genuine, kind, highly accomplished, and the people I hoped to find at TCU.  I am so excited to be serving as Vice President of External affairs! As VPEA, I I have the privilege of overseeing Theta’s alumni relations, social media, service outreach, and fundraising for our national philanthropy, CASA. Our chapter is incredibly passionate about our philanthropy, CASA, and I can’t wait to share about how we contribute to CASA of Tarrant County!

Clare <3


Ally Hajduk • Vice President Panhellenic

Hi, I’m Ally! I am honored to serve as TCU Theta’s Vice President Panhellenic. I am a second-year Movement Science major from Chicago, IL, and have found a piece of home here in Kappa Alpha Theta. I was once told that great friendships are the glue in life, and I have discovered the truth in that line through my Theta community. The love, joy, and support I receive from my sisters are the binding force of my time in college. Becoming a Theta was becoming something bigger than myself, and I am so thankful to now serve the community that has given me so much. Outside of Theta, I serve as the Vice President of the Student Kinesiology Association and also work at a physical therapy clinic. One day, I hope to blend my background in ballet with the science of kinesiology and be a physical therapist for athletes! I wouldn’t be dreaming big without the encouragement of my best friends in Theta, so I owe all my love to this amazing group of women.
Always, Theta Love and Mine <3

Bella Harris • Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Hi! My name is Bella Harris and I am beyond excited to serve as Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! I am a an incoming junior majoring in political science and English! I plan to go to law school after graduation and have dreams of becoming a public defender. My hometown is Charlottesville, VA and is undeniably my favorite place to be, although Fort Worth proves to be a close second. I love going on long walks on the trinity river, finding the best taco in town, going thrifting with a friend, and soaking up all the fun and opportunities around me! Theta has been a source of steadiness and support during my time at TCU. I always feel so seen and loved when I walk into the chapter room or see a fellow Theta on campus. One of my biggest lessons I’ve learned during college is the importance of consistent community; I am so excited to welcome  each and every freshman to campus and watch them find their people!

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