We respectfully prefer that Potential New Member (PNM) Introduction Forms (previously known as a recommendation or reference letter) for qualified PNMs are filled out via the Kappa Alpha Theta National Website:


All other inquiries can be sent directly to our Recruitment Reference Director

Cassidy Snyder
13813 Mary’s Ridge Rd. 
Aledo, TX, 76008


Dear Potential New Members,

Hi y'all! I'm so happy you've found yourself on the Kappa Alpha Theta Recruitment page! My name is Olivia Egloff and I am honored to be this year's Recruitment Director. I'm a junior Psychology & Sociology double-major from Montgomery, Texas, and I can't wait to meet you so soon! Serving our chapter alongside my fearless Chief Recruiting Officer, Ally Dowdell, has been a dream, and it will only get better come August when we welcome you into the Theta House!

Recruitment is all about YOU and your opportunity to meet women who make you feel like you're at home, no matter where you are. Get excited!

Let's be real for a second-- starting your college experience brings all sorts of silly, exciting, stressful, crazy, brand new things that will lead you to your highest of highs and lowest of lows. What I, and the rest of the women of Kappa Alpha Theta, want most of all is to hold your hand through those times. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Theta has brought out the best parts of me-- some that I didn't even know I possessed-- and has given me role models that make me want to pinch myself just to confirm they're real. These women are my ride or dies, and the friendships I've made among Theta women are fiercely loving and true. I can confidently say that since my recruitment in August of 2019, I’ve never met a stranger in the Theta house.  

My hope is that you enter recruitment this year with an open mind, a steady heart, and a positive outlook. I want to encourage you to make decisions about your future home not based on looks, outfits, or Instagram feeds, but instead on whose footsteps you'd be proud to follow as you make your mark at TCU. The beautiful thing about the Panhellenic community is that there is a place for everyone to become their best self, no matter what or who that may look like! I am so excited to share what makes Kappa Alpha Theta so unique and how her members secured a place so dear to my heart. Words can't describe how thrilled I am to meet each one of you this summer or how excited I am for you to meet the women of this chapter! Until then, take a look around our website for more information about our chapter and the recruitment process!

Theta Love and Mine,
Olivia Egloff
2021 Recruitment Director

2021 Recruitment Team 

Ally Dowdell


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Olivia Egloff

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Cassidy Snyder

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