We respectfully prefer that Potential New Member (PNM) Introduction Forms (previously known as a recommendation or reference letter) for qualified PNMs are filled out via the Kappa Alpha Theta National Website:


All other inquiries can be sent directly to our Recruitment Reference Director
Molly Koca
2901 Stadium Drive
TCU Box 294515
Fort Worth, TX 76129


Dear Potential New Members,

I am so happy that you’ve found yourself on the Kappa Alpha Theta Recruitment page!

My name is Caroline Harriss and I am honored to be this year’s Recruitment Director. I’m a junior Marketing major from Sugar Land, Texas. I can’t wait to welcome you through the doors of our chapter alongside our Vice President of Membership, Teny Noordemeer. I am so excited you have chosen to go through the recruitment process. Embrace it, and take in every moment!


Recruitment is all about you, so I encourage you to be yourself. Be confident in who you are and don’t lose sight of all you stand for. Throughout this process you have the freedom to reflect your authentic beauty, and you will have the optimal opportunity to meet women who make you feel like you're at home, no matter where you are. I know that starting your college experience is scary, but it will bring all sorts of exciting, stressful, crazy, brand new things that will take you through your highest of highs and lowest of lows. What I, and the rest of the women of Kappa Alpha Theta want most of all is to help you through those times. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope Kappa Alpha Theta can be everything you hope for in your college experience. 


My hope for you is that you enter into recruitment this August with an open mind and a positive outlook. I am so excited to share what makes Kappa Alpha Theta so unique and special through our members. I can’t wait to see each of you enter the doors of Kappa Alpha Theta! Until then, take a look around our website for more information about our chapter and everything about the recruitment process.


Theta Love and Mine,

Caroline Harriss

2022 Recruitment Director


2022 Recruitment Team 

Teny Noordemeer


Chief Recruiting Officer

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Caroline Harriss

Recruitment Director  


Emily Carson

Recruitment Team 

Paige Broski

Recruitment Team 

Molly Koca

Recruitment Team 

Emma Bebarta

Recruitment Team 

Laura Freeworth

Recruitment Team 

Gracie Beardsley

Recruitment Team 

Karlie Vinceri

Recruitment Team 

Kamryn Herriot

Recruitment Team 

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